Has anyone used them? the 50p for a chart cd or 8.25 off 8.75 or above sounds rather good

    for those who have no idea what i'm talking about, here is the site:……jsp

    mod edit: Took out referral code. Please don't post personal referral codes.


    Original Poster

    the referral code was from cd wow's internal linking system, not a personnel referral code

    i thought it needed to be in there for the offer to work

    Oh okay, no it doesn't need to be there

    I used them when they very first started, and got my cd for a cool 50p...

    It is a bit of hastle downloading the software onto your phone, but its quite easy to buy. After i got my cd i sent an email to there customer support asking them to close my account which they did within 24 if your up for the hastle then go for it! lol

    I got a cd when it was 99p. Haven't worried about closing my account - don't get charged a subscription or anything.
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