Report Help - Morrisons PLC + Turnaround Strategy/Optimisation

I need as much info as possible on the turnaround strategy or optimisation strategy of morrisons plc after their takeover of safeway in 2006,

Every article i find doesn't really outline the plan itself, and i need to analyse it. Rep left for any help at all =)



Was there one?

Morrisons was very successful, took over a **** poor group of stores, which had had ****** all investment put into them for years, and sales at nearly every ex-safeway store went through the roof as soon as they were rebranded as Morrisons.

They had to put a lot of money into the rebranding of course, but I always thought at the time the worry was completely unfounded! Thoughout the post-takeover losses, the original Morrisons stores performed fine.

I worked for Safeway as a Pharmacy Manager when Morrisons took over, I never saw any plan, it was just the Store Manager that went to meetings etc.
I lasted 12 months with Morrisons - what a rubbish company to work for!!

One point i do remember is that the primary concern was to work which safeway stores to "dispose" of, the competitions commision would not let two Morrisons to be within (i think) 3 miles of an existing store.

Also next was to shift everyone from their really good Safeway contracts (extra pay for working unsocial, weekend and bank holidays) to rubbish contracts with no benefits, i.e removing discount card.

I can mouth Morrisons off all day, but I don't think it will answer your query!

Have you tried contacting Morrisons directly. In my days as a student I was surprised at how much information they will give out.



I lasted 12 months with Morrisons

I worked for Morrisons too, and they aren't exactly the nicest people to work for. However business is business, and its funny how you lasted 12 month - then things improved for the ex-safeway stores.

Maybe they were glad to be rid of you?
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