reported thread

    ive just reported my thread as i had some pics.
    but now its gone from my recent threads why this. can i start a new one with the photos ive got?? cheers for any advice


    If the mods locked your thread,then you cant start another one-if you have contacted them,wait for them to reply.

    If it's your FS/FT threads..........then click profile and the fs/ft tab and thy'll be there.


    billyboy10, if a new member posts images the thread can be temporarily removed from your current activity and sent for mod approval - this is an automatic process and not something you've done, and your thread should return once approved.

    If you do need to check anything like that with one of the online MODs then you can use the report link in any thread to send us a message, but your thread should be back now. Any other problems just get in touch and apologies for any inconvenience

    (NB - the report link can be found as an icon to the right of any thread post or as a text link at the bottom of the opening post)

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    Original Poster

    thanks sigma for you help thread now back and links to images now added thank you for helping..
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