Posted 23rd May 2021
Hi hotukdealers

Just a quick question. If I was to sell any of my games that don't have game covers would I be able to sell them with a reprinted cover? Like this:

What I mean is am I legally allowed to sell the games like this especially with the disclaimer on the front of the cover and making it clear in the item description that it's a reprinted cover? I know CeX does this but they're a business and I'm not

I know the cover isn't the UK version in my photo above. It doesn't matter to me, I just reprinted some to make my collection look better for games that were in generic "cover missing" boxes and to help me identify the game titles from the spines. If I was to sell any games with reprinted covers I would print out the UK version

Just to confirm - this is not a post advertising games I have for sale

Thank you in advance for any helpful replies
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