Repurposing A Galaxy Note 8 to Android TV

Posted 6th Apr
Hello all,

My trusty Note 8 is finally set to give up the ghost, it's been dropped tens of times and now I have a big line across the screen eminating from one of the many cracks.

It's still useful but I am due an upgrade so going to get a 10 Lite I think when a decent offer appears.

However I was wondering what to do with this one. It still works fine. Just a big line across the screen and a flickering. I've looked on eBay and frankly don't think it is worth selling so was wondering what I could do with it.

It struck me that of all the things I hate in my life, one is the Android TV Box I got from China. It heats up dreadfully and Netflix no longer works. I was thinking about repurposing the N8 with the Dex-enabled USB C hub I have into an android TV.

Does anyone have any elegant solutions including launchers, remote controls, casting, apps etc that would make the note 8 quite friendly as an android TV?

Thanks Dan
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