Reputable modelling agency, catalogues shoots etc?

Found 5th Feb 2011
Hi all

My partner is interested in getting into catalogue modelling and has recently been in contact with, a London based agency that have been very pleased with him so far and keen to get him signed up. They have requested that he should initially pay £500 (their reduced rate) for a portfolio to be arranged before they can consider him for any work.

Does anybody have history with this company or any information that I could use to confirm whether the agency is legitimate?

I didnt think that it was completely viable considering they are requesting money up front for the portfolio. We have both searched online for information but struggling to find out what the company do or any history about them.

Advice appreciated!

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This has been covered on watchdog and similar NUMEROUS times-any company that asks you for money for ANY reason is a scam-simple as that. These companies tell EVERYONE that they have potential to rope them in for hundreds of quid at a time.

A reputable company,with genuine contacts will never ask for money up front for any reason.
If they ask you for money upfront they are not reputable........move on (_;)
The advice to move on, is very sound. This company makes its money not by finding work for those "on its books", it makes its money by charging people to put them on their books. Once it has got your husbands £500, it has no incentive or reason to actually find him work...
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