reputable Ppi companies recommendations

    Can anybody recommend or help on a potential Ppi company? Go easy on me as their probably on everybody's naughty step lol. Now to my knowledge I've never had protection cover, so it might come back as a no claim anyway. But can anybody help me? Cheers and many thanks.


    I'd advise going back through old statements and seeing if you have 'account fees' for your cards rather than calling up an ambulance chaser you'll take a large chunk of your settlements.

    None do it yourself, its super easy. Just Google ppi claim and the levers lenders name, you'll most likely find a link to a form or be able to request a form. You stint need account numbers just your birthday, addresses and names and the lender does the rest. I got 10k back in the end and I'd had debt management plan previously.

    One of those BBC money programmes said the government will do it for you for free I believe.

    Go to Martin Lewis website and do it from there. There's a step to step guide

    +1 for doing it your self. If they reject you just go through the ombudsman. I was initially rejected even though I knew I had paid and also found that I could never have claimed anyway as I lived with my parents when I took out a loan to buy a car. Didn't have any paperwork as it was 13 years later and managed to get back 3k 13 years of 8% compounded interest added up. Got more back in interest than I had paid for cover. Best investment I have ever made.

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    Really appreciate all your comments, will have a look at the Martin Lewis website. We've had loans in the past for cars etc. Just gotta find a way to find out who we've uses lol
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    I know not a lot of people like banks but be careful ticking up boxes for the banks for them to check. I work for a bank and for every request that we have receive to check history of PPI t costs us £600-£800 even if you hadn't had a PPI or account with us.


    Really appreciate all your comments, will have a look at the Martin Lewis … Really appreciate all your comments, will have a look at the Martin Lewis website. We've had loans in the past for cars etc. Just gotta find a way to find out who we've uses lol

    try experian or clear score, often they have a history of what and when you did take a loan...

    Definitely do it yourself, claims management companies take a fee/percentage for doing absolutely nothing.

    Either ring the bank or download the fos ppi questionnaire and send it off to the bank.

    Even if you don't have any statements etc, just ask them to investigate all loans, credits and mortgages.

    the problem with those companies is they do not do anything as such.
    they send you all the forms to fill out - which you can print from Martin Lewis as suggested.
    you then send them back they then send to company thus taking loads of your money.
    do it yourself you'll be quid's in

    Martin Lewis it through his free resolver part...

    You will phone them. They will go through a list of companies which you can find yourself. You answer yes or no. They print and send you say, 20 template letters that you sign and post in your local letter box. A few weeks later the agency will inform you that they have taken there share of the cash payout. You get the remainder. Which bit do you need help with? Do it yourself. Go to Martin Lewis site and get reading and printing yourself. Sign letters. Post and wait. Good luck

    From their ad on the radio, "The Claims Guys" will check for free - now how much info you would get from that, other than confirmation that there is something to claim ... they charge 30% to handle claims, but say you can do it yourself

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    Will send a claim to my bank, as I've been with them for well over 6 years. I've had loans in the past so I'm assuming that's where Experian comes in to it?

    Even if you don't know if you had PPI, still do it. I had £1k back from Barclaycard and had no idea I had it.

    mate do it urself as previously mentioned the ppi companies simply act as middle men theyre not anymore likelier to win ur case. ud be filling the same papers n ticking the same boxes
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