Reputation management firms reputation in tatters...

Found 5th Sep 2017
Did you know you can pay for fake news to stir racial tensions...

The PR firm's work on a campaign for Oakbay Capital, a South African company owned by a wealthy family, had "incited racial hatred" and was "absolutely unthinkable", Mr Ingham said.…361

Massive list of PR cases these guys have done globally...

The PR firm, founded by Lord Tim Bell, was closely associated with Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party in the 1980s.

Bell Pottinger has gone on to accept contracts from many controversial clients, including former South African president FW de Klerk, when he opposed Nelson Mandela; Asma al-Assad, the wife of Syrian president Bashir al-Assad; arms manufacturer BAE Systems; and the South African athlete Oscar Pistorius after he was charged with murder.
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As long as there is a gullible public, happy to accept what they are told without thinking then PR firms will always do well.

Makes me laugh when I see something called the UK public relations trade body.

I wonder if the same body would have anything to say about the sales of arms to Saudi Arabia that are being used to prevent vital aid getting to many starving people in Yemen.

Now that should be considered inciting hatred and yet all is seen as respectable because behind the scenes, it benefits the economy.

This particular story is even more laughable when you read the response from Bell Pottinger.

"Bell Pottinger said it "accepts that there are lessons need to be learned".

Typical spin that will probably go unchallenged.
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@Reddit. "As long as there is a gullible public......".

I'm reading a book and one of the key phrases in it is ..'People will believe something because it is something they want to believe or because it is something they don't want to believe'.
So true.
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