req: DSLR camera on a budget

    looking round the £300 mark with lens.... Would like optical stabilisation if possible....



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    i have seen this: nikon d40 with lens for £270 after cashback

    The D40 is £259 at Jessops after their special offer and cashback but not taking into account Quidco. Their after sales service is worth something - you can use their shops for mail order items.

    Optical stabilisation is useful and provided - at a cost - in many of the Nikon and Canon lenses. It ought not to be a major factor for you when choosing a body.

    If you see this as an ongoing hobby you should stay with either Nikon or Canon as their long term commitment to the format is certain.

    Now that prices are descending after the initial launch it may be worth considering the D40X as this is available for under £350 with the cashback offer.

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    was reading the d40x has something bad with the ttl being slower or only available on a faster shutter speed?

    And yeh been taking photos for many years now but want to get better picture quality than from my point and shoot cameras....

    You will be very satisfied with the quality of photos from the D40. The difference between these and the compact camera is quite startling and is a result of the quality of the lens and the size of the sensor. The higher pixel count with the D40x does provide the opportunity to crop pictures but does not significantly improve image quality.

    If you can afford to wait for the run-off price the D80 is going to be a real bargain sometime next year. But the lens is far more important than the camera body. The D40 size does make it feel a bit unbalanced with the larger stabilized lenses if you plan to use these. Also you cannot use the older lenses like the Nikon 70-300 that is available for under £70 and takes wonderful pictures in good light.

    Digitaldepot has got some nice Olympus dslr cameras at under £300.also there is a guy selling a new Olympus E330 with 18-180mm zoom lens for £299.99 on ebay,you can make him a offer as well,looks like he will take £250.i have two e330 cameras,they are excellent,you can check the specs on the Olympus site.

    As always don't buy because it's cheap, buy it because it feels right and cheap ;-) If you've not already done so,get along to Jessops,Currys etc and try before you buy.

    You may also consider Asda, may still have a few lurking in their stock room.]http//ww…00d

    Yes always best to try before you buy,find a camera that feels right in your hand,then shop around for the best price.
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