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Firstly apologies for another 'Gaming PC' thread as I know there have been a few.

Basically I am debating whether to get another PC soley for gaming. I have a 360 but First Person Shooters suck with a control pad. I even bought an XFPS Pro so I could use a Mouse and Keyboard but that sucked moreso.

I currently have an AGP motherboard so cant update my graphics card to anything decent plus only have a 300W PSU and insufficient cooling.

I am looking for a PC for around £800 including VAT and Shipping (maybe a bit more but deffo not over £1000). For that I wish to have:

Windows Vista
2/3 gig of Ram
A meaty processor
7800 512 etc etc Graphics card
Possibly a monitor (20 inch or similar)
200 gig HD (doesnt need to be much bigger)

2 other questions: Would it be possible to network my 2 PCs so that the sound from my new gaming PC would play through the other PC's sound system (or just a cable going into the line in on the sound card).

Secondly, are gaming laptops any good or are they inadequate for today's games? (im short on room so this would be better if they are any good).

Thanks for any advice.



How about buy this one from redondo5 seems to fit all your specs:


and then buy a seperate monitor, could get a 22":


£675 + £147 = £822

I'm sure you could probaly haggle a bit to get it down to £800ish! Hope this helps :thumbsup:

For £800 your not going to get a laptop anywhere close in terms of performance to a similar priced PC, need to spend around double that to get a good gaming laptop.

Original Poster

Excellent! DinoPCs seem to have some great prices and roughly what I had in mind!

Just one other piece of advice...

Now the 8800GT 512 is out would it be better to buy 2 of those or just the one 8800gtx 768 (as they work out around the same price). Should I wait for the prices to come down and possibly buy a second gtx in the future to accompany the single card?


A little bit rushed, spending an extra 5 mins would probably be better lol.. but you get the drift.
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