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    i currently have a hsbc student account, ive had over £2000 in it for a while yet i only get about 12p interest every 3 months. ive now got about £5000 in my bank where is the best place to set up a saving account, i dont have a job at the moment, just finished a 7month contract so wont be getting £1k/month like some accounts require.

    what kind of interest would i make each month e.g £15? i have a quidco account so whichever the best deal is please can you let me know as its not making interest at all atm.



    Nationwide regular saver 5.2% net, would give you about £21.67 a month.

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    thanks guys, i just signed up for an ICICI account, you get 6.05%:)! if you withdraw you just lose 1 month's interest, which i shouldnt need to do, i have about £6k in the bank, think im gunna put £5500 in the account, interest is calculated daily and paid on the last working day of the month. should be £333/year in interest or £27.60/month:)

    thankyou very much, ive had over £1k for like 6months, could have been earning interest if i knew about savings accounts.

    Yeah ICICI is the best bet for interest.
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