Request: Cheapest place for Printer Ink___Originals

    For a Canon MP600


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    no one buys ink these days ?

    Not so many people buy original ink these days

    Yes, the refills can be inferior in terms of print quality and longevity, but how much of your printing needs to last years continually exposed to sunlight?

    If I was printing mission-critical work related documents, I'd simply get one of the cheap samsung lasers, take any cheap original toner I spot (I'm clueless on the quality of generic toner) and replace the unit when I cant get hold of any more.

    Sorry it isn't the answer you were hoping for

    try svp

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    Thanks but your right...not was i was looking for....

    I had an MP500 Canon printer and with the cheap inks you have to turn off ink monitoring which was simple enough but after a couple of refills with the cheapish ink the printer stopped printing correctly and i couldn't fix the problem so i ended up buying the MP600 which i dont want to muck up again.
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