Request for good Stream iron deal less than £50

    Hi i am looking for a steam iron, well rated that you can buy online.. if someone could send links or suggestions that would be very grateful



    Here is a link with a few suggestions:

    I picked between 40 - 60 quid but you can change that.

    Or use the littlewoods code and get £30 off a £60 spend on there and get one cheap?…=60


    There are a few of those Stem Generation Irons on special offer at the moment at Tesco that could well be worth a look at....

    Do you know the sort I mean? The ones that you put water into the tank at the bottom, and it literally comes gusing out like a proper steam press?

    We bought a Philips one for about £50 some time ago, and believe me, it REALLY DOES cut down the time and effort in ironing significantly, the steam it generates is sooo powerful and fantastic, far better than the 'normal' Steam Irons that I have had in the past - and trust me I have tried a few!

    Now, like I say, I know Tescos for one had them on special offer, BUT equally I wouldn't be surprised if some clever sausage on here has posted a deal to them, or similar - if I can find it within a reasonable amount of time I will post a link to it here for you - but like I say, if you fancy a new steam iron, in MY own opinion - not anybody elses I PERSONALLY would always go for one of these again as I think that they are absolutly fantastic for ironing and value for money at the moment.

    Arrrr - OK just looking at the link that Leah has already provided at Kelcoo (above) I can see that there are a couple of the Steam Generation Irons on there - that is the ones that I would be looking to go for personally.
    Good luck.


    :whistling:I would also like to find a Iron that levels streams...Then I can sail my toy boat across with the aid of a hair dryer:whistling:
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