Request to ban the phrase "MUST [email protected]@K" on FS/T forum

    I'm pretty sure it annoys at least 40% of the people here... but yeah, discuss?


    Original Poster

    not even if it's in caps? :whistling:

    doesnt bother me either way - if they need to say that i take it as not a deal so i dont [email protected]@k:-D:thumbsup:


    why would this bother you? Petty obviously:roll:



    That is all.

    lmao ^

    Original Poster

    ahh fineeee
    i stand corrected

    doesnt bother me but it is daft

    People just do it so it makes their title stand out more.

    I know what you mean about this bugging you. It doesn't bug me personally, but I can see how it would. I always start fuming if I see until abbreviated to till
    Let's abbreviate a 5 letter word to a 4 letter word which means something entirely different. It should be 'til
    The thing which really bugs me is this has been so widely misused over the years it now appears in the Dictionary. Argh.
    Anyway. Feel free to have a rant but I don't think it's worth banning this use.
    Maybe a coping strategy is in order - every time you see one, put a sarcy comment on the deal.
    '[email protected] [email protected]@L USE OF @ INSTEAD @F O. THAT'S [email protected]@@@ CLEVER.'
    Might get you some abusive repsonses though...


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