Request to reduce working hours after maternity leave.

Posted 16th Jun 2015
Hi Guys -

Tomorrow my partner is having a meeting at work with her boss to discuss her return work following maternity leave - she is very apprehensive as her boss is not at all child friendly and my partner is wanting to reduce her working hours so she is able to spend time with baby (her boss has no children of her own and is not sympathetic in the slightest towards working mums etc).

Her Maternity leave ends in August therefore tomorrow she is making her formal request to reduce her working hours from 5 full days to 4 full days.
I have attempted to do a formal letter in the hope that her boss is accommodating to her request - please can members take a look and see if it reads ok and if anything would be better added or removed .........

Dear xxxxxxx

After much careful consideration I wish to return to work, following my maternity leave on a reduced hour’s basis.

Therefore please accept this letter as my formal request, under the statutory right to apply for flexible working – (The Employment Act of 2003), to reduce my number of working hours after the end of my maternity leave.

As a new mother, I am making this request after careful discussions with my family over available child care arrangements.

I would like to request to work 4 full days in future , as opposed to previously working 5 full days.

Due to available child care arrangements that my family are able to provide, I would like to request working Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays – a total of 30 hours per week.

I have worked for xxxxxx for a total of 12 years and given loyal service throughout that whole period.
I feel that my request is reasonable and my request to reduce my working hours would not have a detrimental impact on the working office environment, or effect the Business of xxxxxxx.

Kind Regards,
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