Request: Wireless Controllers for Original XBOX

    I have an original xbox, and was looking around for some deals on a pair of wireless controllers,but have had no joy.

    Does anyone know of any cheap deals?

    I believe Logitech are the best ones.




    I took ages tring to find some, lots of places advertise them but were "out of Stock".

    I ended up getting a couple off E-Bay for about £15.00

    Kids were happy enough with them

    Original Poster

    went to blockbusters last night, and they seem the same price, £15 per controller. This was a 2.4ghz Madcatz version.

    It seems £15 per controller is the price to beat..... anyone up to the challenge and find me a cheaper pair??


    the madcatz ones are OOS everywhere i look, so i reckon if you saw them in Blockbusters for £15 each (cant believe they still stock old xbox peripherals :? ) you should definitely go for them at that price. Or otherwise its ebay ;-)
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