Found 2nd Nov 2006
In the next few weeks I'm looking to purchase an Xbox. Used is absolutely fine (infact preference, since it will 99% more likely to be cheaper than new!).

So does anyone know of where I could pick one up cheap, or where they would sell me one! I've seen one £60 brand new on ebay, but I'm sure this will be gone by "next few weeks" comes! All I would like is the console, wires, controller (x2) etc. No games!

Anyone help :-D??? Rep WILL be left ;-) :thumbsup: :-D

Also, can anyone tell me what the difference is between the different XBOX Versions!?

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Hi MattC

Checkout here:

That has lots of info on the XBox. The main differences to the user with the XBox are with the type of DVD rom it has. Some of the earlier ones had problems with heavy duty cycles on the drive (i.e. watching a DVD) whereby the drive would overheat and start skipping perhaps 20-30 minutes into watching a movie.

I believe this problem was resolved. There have been many changes to the XBox hardware over its lifetime, mainly Microsoft's response to hacking attempts!

There are 8 main versions, as detailed here:…php

Just follow up the links and it'll tell you all you need to know.

I might be selling mine in the next few weeks, as I've just purchased 2 XB360s this month.

Don't ask...but I blame it entirely on HUKD!

Damn you and your temptation HUKD!

Original Poster

LOL 2!!!

Well thanks for that post, very helpful - repped

Oh, and so what version is YOUR Xbox, if you know / can find out? And what's its condition?

Hi MattC

Thanks for the rep, dude. Um, I don't actually know what version mine is as I've never looked. I just dug up those references since I remember reading about them on a forum about XBox hacking. I only found out that there were 8 versions of the XBox just before I typed up the reply.

It plays DVDs fine, as that's its primary use. The thing is in fine condition and receives light usage. I might even have the original box for it, although I'm not sure.

The only obstacle I have to selling it now is that my wee boy's Spongebob save games are on the hard drive and won't transfer to the XB360. So he might cry if I sell it!

Original Poster

Well if you can convince your little boy then great. If not, no sweat! What price were you looking at if you go ahead with the sale?



Hi MattC

I don't think that I would be looking for a great deal for it. Less than £40 anyhoo.
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