Res Evil 5 demo

    Whos played it and what was your opinion of it?

    Im really excited for it thought it was great.


    is this on ps3?

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    no 360

    Damn, how it compare to others?

    is it on xbox live to download?

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    No you need an asian account to download it or get it from here and burn it to CD-R…359

    Seems just RE4 but with better graphics (which isnt a bad thing).
    Im not keen on having a ingame partner on a game like this

    When will it be on PS3?

    Apparently is should come out on Ps3 the same time it comes out on 360 in America.
    I dont see why its a japan only demo. Since if you play it on a UK/USA account the demo and all the text is in English


    Seems just RE4 but with better graphics

    Agree...kinda like resi 4.5 xD

    not too sure about the partner thing myself, but ive just been playing it co-op with a mate on xbl and it is fun :thumbsup:

    It's really fun I'm looking forward to the full game!

    I'd love to try it co-op though, it's annoying having to "request" equipment/ammo from your partner.

    i could play it,i looked under games,i dont have a hd so i guess thats why it wont load of the disk

    Yeah i'm looking forward to playing it myself. The demo its worth the download because you get to play two different levels (Shorten down of course).

    shouldnt be 2 long before demo is available in UK and US hopefully

    Is it the same as the rest of the series? As in rather linear. Just wondered if it's more 'open' to exploration now

    Resi 4 was one of the best games I've ever played so I ain't having a pop btw

    Is there any way to reload without having to aim and empty my clip first? I don't wanna walk around with 1-2 bullets in my gun when I have plenty of ammo to reload :P

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    Not too sure will have a look in 20 min when I hop on it again.
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