Research - Would Parents Like To Find Out If There Teenage Children Smoke?


    I hope this is the appropriate place to post.

    I am currently conducting research for a product that targets parents of primary & secondary school children.

    I wont mention any company names or product names, i am looking for honest feedback from parents whether they would purchase a product like this.

    The topic of the question is "Would Parents Like To Find Out If There Teenage Children Smoke?".

    The Testing Kit has multiple applications and uses for:

    Concerned parents testing children
    Testing levels of second hand smoke in children
    Evaluating exposure to second hand smoke in the home

    It is a home testing kit that provides you with a quick, accurate, on-the-spot determination of a person's level of exposure to nicotine in tobacco products including second hand smoke. Nicotine Testing in Children and Adults

    The testing kit is an easy to use, fast and accurate urine test strip. It can detect if your child has been smoking or has been exposed to second hand smoke, will detect the use of cigarettes, pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco .

    Three Clear Results; Smoking - passive - negative

    I am not a parent myself.

    Thanks for any feedback from parents & non-parents.



    hi ,sorry to say being an ex smoker ,i would smell it on my child,and would know if they had been smoking so i wouldnt buy a kit

    How much?:confused:

    Original Poster

    Hi between £7 & £10 online, they would retail for £19.99 in pharmacys.
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