Posted 11th Jun 2020
Hi, I'm hoping for some tips for reseeding my existing lawn and patching up a large area (thanks to trampoline damage!).

I know the grass needs to be cut quite short prior and raking through, from here is it a case of distributing the seed evenly then a relatively thin layer of top soil then regularly watering?

We get a LOT of birds so I would like to protect the seed but not cause any harm to them. Can I lay a net over the lawn just until the grass begins to shoot?

In terms of the 10ft wide circular patch... any advice? Turn it all over, seed, soil, water? Also, our soil is terrible, high clay content....

Existing lawn is fine to be honest, kept on top of but because of the trampoline and wanting to patch that up I figured to seed the whole garden in the hopes of it not looking too odd.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
As are any links to seed you have used, particularly if you have experience with clay soil.

Thank you.
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