Reservoir Dogs Bluray - Limited Edition (Petrol Can)

Found 10th Nov 2009
I would be so grateful to anyone who could find this sub-£10. infact if they could find it instock anywhere!

rep of course,
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billybargain.co.uk/pri…tml - £9.99 at blockbuster

it says its the petrol can edition on the comparison site, but once you go into the blockbuster website the picture shown is of the normal edition. not sure if thats just a mistake or not, might be worth a try.
£6.99 at HMV less 5% quidco.


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£6.99 at HMV less 5% … £6.99 at HMV less 5% quidco.]http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetails.do?sku=965336&affiliate=td&lpgrp=network&tduid=8aabe2b49220345acaa06cd3ff18e945Pleasure working for you

afraid its not the tin edition, although i'm now facing the fact i will have to get this instead.
Sorry didn't read the question properly.

£10.94 on amazon any good?


+£1.21 delivery since it's not direct from Amazon
Sorry not having much luck for ya
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