Resetting a service light?

    Need your help guys.
    Can anybody point me in the right direction of resetting a service light on an 02 vw golf gt tdi please?
    I have googled it but with no luck.
    Thinking of letting my mate service it as the garage wants £170 but will need the service light reset.
    Rep for your help.
    Cheers in advance


    Does your mate not have a VAG-COM ?
    That's how you reset the light, via the software.

    i'm sure you can do it via the dashboard. It's usually stated in the manual.

    Found this, don't know if it's of any use.

    If it's a MKIV Golf.

    Turn on ignition.

    Hold down Right trip button and continue to do so whilst turning off ignition.

    Still with Right trip button held down turn ignition back on.

    Release Right trip button.

    With ignition still on turn Left trip button to the Right and release.

    Turn off ignition.

    ]or another way, possibly

    Original Poster


    Brilliant. Will give this a go.

    Rep for you all, appreciate it guys

    Worked a treat, cheers again

    wow.. mine came on yesterday too.. then 6 hours later and a after a nice trip to the Lake District, as soon as i got back into Bolton, my exhaust dropped! the front bit (flexi) had been blowing for ages and it was going to go.. which it finally did! GUTTED!
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