Resident Evil 4 - Gamecube

hi, i have been looking for this game for under £20 with no luck so far so maybe some one here can help me.


Hi john_platt, welcome to HUKD.

This is a pretty dear game, I don't think you'll find it for less than £20. Cheapest I can see thatis available is £38!

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ok thanks, wow i didnt think it would be that expensive, ill have to take a look on ebay.

Would you be willing to have a nstc version? Just to see if I can get a better price?

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i haven't got freeloader so unless i can get one of those for pretty cheap then no.
Thanks for the idea though.

gamestation have this item listed but its not in stock at the moment and i am not sure if they will have but you could keep checking this link or try ringing your local gamestation and see if they have it for this price of £19.99


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You have been very helpful, i will go and check my local gamestation tomorrow.
Thankyou very much

love this game, just thought i'd mention that lol.

yes it was an excellent game, i now have it on ps2 but i dont have much time to play it. lol.

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what version is better, gamecube or ps2?

from what i can remember the gamecube version seemed to be easier to control but the ps2 version had a few more extra features

i prefered the ps2 version, wish i still had it lol.

Gamecube has better graphics, PS2 has bonus content.

I personally would recomend GC version, as one of the things they had to reduce on the PS2 version was that alot of the time, when there is alot of enemies on screen, they will use the same model for some of the enemies, whereas on the GC version they are more often all individual, plus more destrucatble scenerey in the GC version, and as "danielcraig007" says, the controls are designed around the GC pad, so are more intuitive on the GC version. Also GC load times are much smaller.

That said if you can find it cheaper on the PS2, either version is a fantastic game.

if you have a quick look on amazon you can pick up a used copy of the game for £9+ p&p or the tinned version for £11+ p&p

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ok thanks for all of the replys, i went to town today looking for the GC version either pre owned or new, i looked in all of the shops that i could think might sell it but i had no luck in finding it. I then found the PS2 version in WHSmith for £11 new and not the platinum edition, which i thought was a very fair price so i decided to buy that because my only other option then would be ebay and they are around £25 preowned for the GC version.
Anyway thanks again for all of the replys, you have all been very helpful

the GC version is far better than the PS2 version as the GC was more powerful hardware than the PS2 and it was built from the ground up on the GC

great game whatever though enjoy

shame I didn't see this thread before you went shopping, I have a copy for the GC
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