Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition ( Move Compatible) £8.99

    I just got a notice from HMV that they will honoured my £8.99 Resident Evil 5.. that was pre ordered ages ago.
    wonder anyone got the same email#?


    They ?.

    and no I haven't, was waiting ages for HMV so cancelled but am now waiting with ASDA.

    Thanks for this, just checked my mail and my Xbox 360 version is on the way ..... I'd given up hope of them ever sending it!


    Are we talking about HMV?

    If not then who?

    Got mine on it's way from hmv

    Your order is in the post. We're really sorry it's taken longer than we thought to send it to you.

    Here are the details:

    Qty Format Artist Title Price Estimated Delivery
    1 HC XBOX 360 GAME RESIDENT EVIL 5 GOLD £9.99 2-5 days

    Your order number:

    Postage charges:

    Dam, I should of kept my order at HMV then. Just the lack of info put me of waiting. Order instead at ASDA for £13 but they quote at 27 Oct dispatch.

    Was a damned if I do and damned if I don't moment at the time. Still glad those that had the nerve to wait are rewarded with dispatch finally.
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