Resident Evil 5 Gold (PS3 Move edition) £10@ HMV thread

Not recevied my order. Anyone else in the same boat ?
Couldn't find the original deal thread (as always).

If that is still going with info about this issue could someone please link and then mods can kill this thread .


Thread here -…e=9

Mine says on Special Order with supplier which probably means never with HMV

I too have had orders in "Special Order" status previously. One lasted over 12 months & was eventually cancelled for me by HMV. My order for "Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition" is also in this same state.

That said, pre-ordering is no guarantee of receiving items on the day of release. It is used to gain higher discounts from suppliers due to bulk purchasing.

Unless you have specific instructions to advise you that delivery will be on (or before) the release date then pre-ordering is no different to ordering on the day of release.

Stock will be allocated as normal & if exhausted further stock has to be ordered.



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Hope we do get it. I hate the idea of single use DLC. As the 360 version is code redemption it will have little resale value.

Same here Would like it by Thurs/Fri ideally...

I received my order this morning, so I guess they are going to send to you guys very soon


Oh well, cancelled and ordered with ShoptTo.

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Tempted to cancel myself and just pickup second hand cheaper down the line.

Still no news? My Move controller shipped already today (with ShopTo)
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