Resident Evil 5 order from Gameplay

So I ordered a brand new copy of Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) from Gameplay for £10.98 and this is what I got...


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Yay! It's arrived. Oh, hold on a minute it isn't sealed. Hmmmm...

Eek! Where the funk is my game?!? And what's that horrid looking blue paper...

How dare you! I ordered 'new' you!!

Been using Gameplay for a while now, and this is my first disappointment with them. They don't even advertise pre-owned copies of Resident Evil 5 on their site!

Now do I keep the cheap £2.99 pre-owned copy (if it works!) and get some money back, or get a brand new copy and some compensation hopefully.

This happen to anyone else??

quick need to go post office lol

Jeezy peeps, take your time!!

Just because it's not sealed doesn't mean it's not new. With Gameplay being from the Game Group, this is what looks like a new return from a store. Stores get sent a list of things they have to send back which arent selling. So when people stopped buying Resi 5 they'll have been told to send them back to head office. So the store will have taken a box from the shelf and sent it back.

Will you keep me posted on what happens with this, if it is a new game for £10.98 i might buy it, if its 2nd hand which should really cost £2.98 then i will think again :P


Contact them. All you will get though is copy & paste response of "either keep it or return for a full refund". Never had an acknowledgment of wrong doing by the Gameplay group (Game,Gamestation and Gameplay).

You may as well complete the game before returning .

thats bad
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