Resistence (PS3) - any good?

    Gamestation have got this preowned at £7.99. I thought the demo was quite good, except it seemed to take ages to kill anything. is the full game good?



    yeh its great to play online

    its a fantastic game with really decent graphics considering it was an early release for the ps3

    Yeh its still one of the few good exclusives for the console.

    Best online lobby, comms etc on the PS3

    Great sp campaign too!

    Distinclty average when compared to something like CoD4, but online this is great fun.


    resistance2 is out soon

    I got it at PS3 launch, not played it in over a year, and am still scratching my head trying to figure out what was so amazing about it(according to videogames press etc).

    It was rather average imo and just didn't feel at all exciting or special, I much prefered COD 2/3/4 (various multi plat) - it also pales against the 360's Bioshock which is one of my fave shooters of recent years.

    Yeah its a great game, it really got me into first person shooters. The storyline is VERY good, it really does make you want to get Resistance 2.

    IMO it would be well worth £7.99.
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