Resolva weedkiller for grass

Found 5th May
After some suggestions as to how to deal with my dandelions on the lawn, I went ahead and bought a bottle of Resolva weedkiller for grass. I used it about 3 days ago and the dandelions are now wilting. Can anybody tell me that once they have died back down properly, do I still have to go and dig up each of the roots or can I just mow the grass as normal? I'm just wondering that if I mow the grass, the roots are still underground and will resurface at a later date. I'm hoping that I don't have to still dig up each root as I have over 100 dandelions on the lawn! Thank you.
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They should kill the root too, there may be a timescale when you can and can't mow the lawn, double check that first. But you wouldn't need to pull all the roots up I'm sure.
Ok, thank you for letting me know - I think it was a couple of days but I will check on the bottle.
I've used every type of weed killer on the dandelions in my garden, even the really strong stuff. They always come back bigger than ever.
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