restoring a dsi!

    does anyone know if i can restoring a dsi to factory settings my son updated it and now it wont play his r4!!!
    any help will b appreciated!

    thanks kerryx


    Hold down every button (except the d-pad) and turn on the system. This should revert to factory settings but will still keep any data such as pictures, sound files, etc

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    i tried that it dosnt work lol thanks anyway x

    If its like most other stuff restoring to factory settings will only set the settings of the dsi not the firmware. If you want to go back to a previous firmware im not sure you can do that. This is the whole point of nintendo releasing the new f/w upgrade - to combat piracy ;-)

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    thought as much lol

    TBH i havent got a DSI only the DS. In order to flash firmware you will need to get the original firmware and find some way of linking it to a pc in order to start the flash, i think ?

    TBH if there is no way of doing either... then i think youre stuffed for the moment. Perhaps look at a firmware upgrade for the R4 card itself NOT the DSi ?? Like most other things the card/xbox/pcgame pirates usually release updates to combat what the companies have done to block them. May not be straight away but may well come in a bit of time.

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    hmmmmmmmmmmmm how do i do that lmao?

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    oh well never mind will teach him to play about wiv stuff lol
    just have to play the 20 games hes got!!!

    Try going onto the card manifacturers site (i have the edge card and they release updates to the firmware every so often) and see if there is anything regarding the new Nintendo firmware upgrade. All else fails try googling and see if anyone else has the problems and how to get round it... may not be yet though and may take a bit of time before solutions are made/found.

    Sorry i can help you further... one of the reasons why i go for a DSi is that Nintendo update them :-(

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    thanks alot have added rep anyway thanks for taking time to answer me:thumbsup::)

    One last thing... you can always try to contact where you got the R4i from and see if they have any info on ways round it. The companies i get all my dodgy stuff from usually give good email support. May be worth a shot ;-)

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    :thumbsup:he he dodgy stuff lol i will try i use memory bits and they normally quite good

    A supercard(DSi variant) should be able to run on an updated DSi.
    Do a bit of research, and get one of those if this is correct.

    Sell the R4i to someone that either has a DS lite, or an un-updated DSi.

    I'm sure I read somewhere lately, that one of the FW updates had a programme built in to prevent most cards like this working. I'll see if I can find it.

    Yep there was kyalion. But like The Saint has said some cards can get round the update.

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    i contacted memory buts and they said they they should have updated firmware next week!
    think i may fiddle wiv it and take it back for new one lol

    Nah wait until next week. Wont be long.

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    yeah will do he can just play all his other games!!
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