restoring my acer aspire one to factory settings Linux

Found 5th Feb 2009
How can I restore my acer aspire one back to factory settings wiping everything as I am going to sell it on for one of the better netbooks
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With the disc supplied using the instructions enclosed in with it.

With the disc supplied using the instructions enclosed in with it.

lost it :oops:
Try going to the Acer aspire one thread and maybe ask politely if you can send someone an empty USB for them to put the recovery on to it for you and return it

Just a thought

[FONT="Verdana"]There is an ISO image file you can download, as it was covered on the Acer Aspire One User Community website - in addition to that did you have any data files on the hard disk that contain any of your personal details (i.e. banking, etc, etc)?

If so then you should consider securely wiping the hard disk first before restoring the Linpus Lite Linux Distribution onto it, to ensure that nobody can recover your personal data.

Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]
[FONT="Verdana"]I'm not sure how good these are (please virus scan them thoroughly after downloading them) but here's a few threads from over at the Acer Aspire One User Community - hope they help you out.

View topic - Acer Aspire One Recovery DVD / CD (Linpus Lite) [Rapidshare]

Re: Download Linpus recovery CD image?

macles*: Acer Aspire One Recovery DVD

Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]
My niece has one - she lost access to the Network Centre when carrying out the 19 updates :x

I burnt a copy of the recovery disc onto a 2GB usb pendrive and set the machine back to factory default that way .

As Wenchybev suggested, I'd be happy to burn another stick if you sent me one in the post.


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