Restoring Win7 laptop but no restore disc

    My laptop is couple of years old and has become very slow. I'm thinking of restoring it but didn't have a disc come with it. Any way to restore it please?
    There's a sticker underneath with the Win7 home serial


    Your laptop will almost certainly have a hidden "restore" partition where a copy of Windows is stored.

    If you go to the web site for the company that made your laptop it will tell you how to do a factory restore using this "hidden" partition..

    Also if you have a CD/DVD drive there MAY be an option on the laptop to make a set of DVDs which will contain the software to do a restore of Windows.

    Again, look on the menu options for your laptop to see if there is an option to make these DVDs, or look on the company web site for the people who made your laptop.
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    Your laptop may have come with a restore partition, which is a small part of your hard drive which contains the operating system should you need to start again. Sometimes this can be accessed through the restoration disc, but on some laptops this can be accessed through an ALT+Function key combination. If you post your laptop model, perhaps we can tell.

    In the absence of that you can download a legitimate windows ISO or USB installation from either of the two below:…ool…25/

    The second site claims legitimate windows files, but you obviously download at your own risk. Choose the windows and language version that you require, follow the instructions and enter in the serial when prompted and you should be good to go. However you may run into some problems with drivers, as some laptops need specific drivers to run hardware.

    You can also visit the manufacturer's website for information on how to restore the windows and drivers, or run a driver back up tool to make a copy of all your drivers, so that after your new windows installation you can reinstall them all over again.

    Most modern laptops have a factory restore setting from a partition on the hard drive. it is usually accessed by pressing a button (F7 on mine) whilst the computer is starting. I suggest you Google "factory restore on (xx) your laptop ". If this option is available you won't need discs but you will lose all data on the unit.

    If you've got the licence key, you can download an ISO, burn to a USB stick and boot off the USB stick and away you go.

    Win 7 can be downloaded legally from here.

    You can download MS USB stick software here.

    Yes, just download the Windows 7 versions from the links given . Thats what I did . Make sure you can read the serial key from the bottom of the laptop or use magicjellybean key reader before you use the disk . I have upgraded all of my older XP laptops to Windows 7 but used a loader ,[ naughty ,naughty] .
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