"Restricted_word_replacement" ?

    Can someone please tell me why, when I posted a HUKD review for Amazon, my comments got automatically changed to:


    The word I had typed was Christmas. It's kept the "mas" but not the whole word?


    Charlie Brown


    I would be quite upset at that actually. Is there a link so I can see?


    has jesus been banned???????

    Original Poster

    Penny Saver;7314490

    I would be quite upset at that actually. Is there a link so I can see?…ews
    Don't understand why it's banning part of the word, because it's letting me use Christmas in this thread?

    Charlie Brown


    i just added another comment and it did the same

    Hey! Byker I tried that, it wouldn't let me post a comment at all!

    I'd be complaining right about now. It's not on at all. I can't bear all the XMAS stuff, even though that may have legitimate heritage. It's called Christmas for a reason.

    Original Poster


    has jesus been banned???????

    Looks like it :w00t:
    Just saw your Amazon review!

    a Blip perhaps, or have people forgotten what's being celebrated on 25th :whistling:

    Maybe a Mod can throw some light on this please?

    Charlie Brown

    Original Poster

    bykergrove;7314633 i better … i better stop


    Wonder what other words are on "restricted_ word_replacement" list?

    Charlie Brown

    i done it too

    inb4 HUKDs is racist

    bykergrove;7314633 i better … i better stop



    We'll get this sorted out Thanks everyone, please don't start randomly spamming reviews though to test it!
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