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Retaining/Reassigning Private Number Plates - Advice Please!

Posted 3rd Jan 2010
I have private plates on my little Punto, which I intend to sell shortly. I intend to buy a new (read: used) car to put them on. I am aware there is an £80 transfer fee to move the reg to the new car, but this may be difficult as I intend to part exchange my Punto for the new car, and the chances are the dealer will just shove the Punto straight into an auction, it's not worth him tidying it up to sell it. He's not going to want much agro with it/me.

I am aware I can retain the private plates for a year for £105, which would be fine, but I am unclear as to whether or not I have to pay AGAIN to assign the retained plates to the new car. Has anyone done this before? Is there a cheaper way? It looks like I'll have to pay through the nose TWICE to keep my plates. Might I be better off buying the new car and then trying to sell the old one later on, after I've transferred the plates myself - which might be easier as I'll technically own both cars. (But I lost the chance to p/x)

I've read I must not sell the old car with my plates on, as then I have no right to them.

Don't really want to lose them, as they were a present!
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