Rethink your holiday plans if you are from Sheffield.

    Oliver Letwin sparks row after stating: 'We don't want more people from Sheffield having cheap holidays'


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    It seems that there is a bit of disagreement in the ranks.
    Here is the torygraphs take on it all.

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    This is the same Oliver Letwin.

    Oliver Letwin, the senior Conservative charged with drawing up the party’s policies for the next general election, claimed more than £2,000 for a leaking pipe to be replaced under his tennis court.
    Mr Letwin, the chairman of the party’s policy review team, had the work carried out at his Somerset home. He also claimed hundreds of pounds from the taxpayer to have an Aga at the property serviced regularly.

    Remember this

    are we really suprised that an MP has said something which he shouldnt have? They are all the same in my opinion. They all know what the public want, but ttell you they hear your cries, they get elected on the basis that our voices will be heard..........then out of no where they tell you everything you had feared about them....... the only problem i have is how do you establish who is the lesser of two evils!!!

    Thought half of Sheffield went to Skegness on holiday X)


    Thought half of Sheffield went to Skegness on holiday X)

    yes but its the OTHER HALF we are concerned about lol

    He's only saying what the rest of the country is thinking.
    We want our ministers to be honest, and condemn them when they are.
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