Retracted bids on eBay !

Found 28th May
I have just had some bids retracted on eBay . I had no explanation at all just the bids have gone. Obviously eBay allow this , bit is there any sort of strike for people doing this ? I feel the retractions have put others off bidding....
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I'm sure they have to put a good reason down for doing it. I was under the assumption that to have a bid retracted you needed to ask the seller of its ok or do it early on in the listing. I set a boat load of restrictions on stuff I list so that any old Tom Dick and Harry can't bid on it, might be worth checking these to see if you can set one that doesn't allow people to do this.
Thanks , I do have restrictions on bidders with bad feedback etc. Its just annoying as this happening has put others of bidding. The bids have not moved since this has happened. I understand someone changing their mind but still very annoying as a seller !
I agree , I thought I would at least be given some sort of 'reason' , but not nothing ! I do think of you do it more than a fèw times you have a 'strike' on your account .
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