Retrieve deleted programmes on your Sky Box

Posted 9th Nov 2012
Well here's something I never knew you could do...

This depends on the version of EPG your HD box has.

Press: Services - 0 - 3 on your remote, if the Model Number starts with R003 or R004 then this feature is being rolled out to boxes gradually over the next few months with the exception of Thomson Sky+HD boxes. Boxes are updated automatically overnight as the software becomes available for each model.

If however your Model Number is R005.53.70.05P or greater then follow the instructions below:

Press TV Guide
Press the Green button for the planner
Press the left arrow once
You should now get a tab with the label Deleted, your deleted programmes are listed with the latest at the top and the oldest at the bottm.
Highlight your programme
Press Select or Green to move the programme back into your planner
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It's called releted, (c) 2012 Jonathan Ross.
Well it's new to me !!
Thanks didn't know that!
Just looked, there is programmes right back to July :

Although Sister Act I had to permanently delete
No longer can you record babestation when your OH/Parents aren't in and hope deleting it will save you...
So when something is deleted, it's not actually deleted? Sounds familiar. (_;)
Great, another thing to trigger my ocd and i'll have to go through and make sure is empty
thanks, didnt know this!
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