Retrieving a pac code once your contract has finished?

Found 4th Aug 2012
Being the utter noob that I am, I cancelled my phone contract before I went travelling and didn't ask for the pac code.

Now I've returned my sim has been cancelled so no one can get in touch with me. I've ordered a giffgaff sim in the meantime.

Is it possible to transfer a pac code after the 30 days- now that my contract has expired with vodafone?

Or am I, as I suspect... boned?

If I can't get the pac code... is it still possible to maybe retrieve my old number another way?
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No, you are boned.
Have you met churchill? You might not be boned yet if you haven't.
Yup, it's a gonna and you are boned
Being boned sucks.

Thanks anyway.
The number goes into a hold pot for a minimum of 6 months (where it can't be accessed by anyone) after that, depending on which network it was, it'll pop up for automatic reissue on a new contract.

The only time that changes is if you've transferred from another network, in that case it gets returned to them after the 6 months.
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