Retrieving messages from a mobile if I sell it...

    If I sell my mobile, can it be hacked for messages to be recovered? It's a SE K750i. If so, how far back can you realistically go into call records/texts?


    just replace the sim:thumbsup:

    Take the sim out and sell it without sim, or send off for one of the many sims in the freebie section.

    Probably get more for it if it has a new (dont take it out of the packet) sim anyway - my friend did

    Just do a master reset and all will be gone

    i'd love to know what your trying to hide though:giggle: joke:giggle:

    I assume the op would be selling the phone without the sim, or at least a new one?

    Your friends etc will still have the sim no. imagine phoning up and being told to "F*** off! stop bothering me"

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    What about the 32Mb or built in memory? Surely some go on there as my SIM holds only 10 messages but the phone seems to hold hundreds?!

    if you want a quick way to get rid of the ones on the phone memory, do a master reset lol

    that will erase everthing on the phone and return it to 'factory' settings. Basically like the day you bought it

    also they will only store on the SIM if you either a ask them to or b copy them manually to the SIM card. By default they store on the phone memory NOT the SIM card

    As Pacecetta says - do a master reset - but make sure you get everything that you want off of it first!

    this is also a very good application, if you want to backup all your phone data, contacts, call records, sms', even files on the phone memory ]http//ww…en/ and go to the download section. Its called My Phone Explorer and will work with pretty much all Sony Ericsson phones, just use the DCU-60 (USB cable) that was supplied with the phone, or if you have one a bluetooth dongle. You can even text people using your keyboard while the phone is connected :thumbsup:

    Thanks paceCETTA I'll give that a try also
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