Retro arcade joystick for pc

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Found 17th Feb 2009
I am after a really nice retro joystick for the PC. It will mostly be used to play old arcade games so anything with the feel of the old Street Fight II coin ops would be great.

Can anyone recommend a good one? I'm looking to spend about £50.

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Hi mate I bought a nice streetfighter style joystick about 2 months ago and have barely used it. It has the 6 button layout and the small spring loaded stick, I used it for Streetfighter on my works laptop but no longer have one so it's kinda sat about doing nothing! It's compatible with ps3, ps2 and PC (usb)
Cost me £50 but would be open to offers (box slightly bashed)
This is my first time of writing on this website so please bare with me if theres any problems!
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