Retro games -SNES, NES, N64 etc...

Does anyone have any spare retro games they don't want anymore, or just want to sell, if you have any could you please contact me, thanks!


Got most of the mario games on snes, donkey kong etc all mint bought from a car boot last summer 1 pound each I paid!

I have a handheld megadrive thing that also plugs into the tv with 20 or so games on it - interested?

have a few psi games

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Have pm'd you three for details.

hi - yes i would be prepared to sell £10 delivered


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Could you do it for £5.24 please? I'm sure its not much of a consolation but I dont necesarely need the cable, hopefully you can do it for the price though, thanks.

will think about it - have to go out now, back on this evening

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Ok, will speak later, thanks for time and your offer, hopefully you'll accept mine, thanks.

I have a lot of old collectors editions like the n64 gold cart zeldas fully boxed with manuals, are you looking for dreamcast stuff as well, anything specific you after and what you looking to pay?

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Do you have smash bros , conkers bad fur day or paper mario for n64. The only real dreamcast game im looking for is street fighter 3 3rd strike, although i may be interested in a boxed dreamcast.

Smash bros on n64 yer its boxed basically new but I've got melee and brawl as well so don't want to let it go, specially since I payed £20 for it last month, conker no sorry, as for street fighter I sold that and marvel vs capcom locally for £4 for the two, I don't have a box for my dreamcast, only really collectible stuff for the dreamcast I got left is sonic adventure 2 collectors edition Shenmue 1 and 2 and A boxed VMU

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oh ok, do you have any other retro game, was the game you sold street fighter 3 3rd strike?

I have Conkers bad fur day on the N64 boxed complete in very good condition if you want to give me an offer

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8.50.. What would you accept?

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PEPSIDAVE do you have any other good n64 and do you have a Boxed with manuals etc N64?

£5.24 isnt going to make it worth my while to post, sorry mate.

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£7.50 and could you post 2nd class and get proof of posting if so.

£8 and i'll post tomorrow

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Could you do it for £7.50 please as I dont want to go any higher than that, thanks. But before... does it have a save functions, can you save game progress?

wont do it for £7.50 - think I'll just keep it now...

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Ok, if you do ever want to sell it, i'll be happy to pay £7.50 for it.
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