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Found 22nd Oct 2008
Been offered a chance to buy this lot from someone...says he has over 3000 boxed games in the lot...some items listed below:

Nintendo Stuff


Consoles x 3 (1 boxed in Very Good Condition) 2x controllers each and power supplies


Consoles x 5 (average to rough condition) 2 x controllers for each and power supplies, jap/usa conversion cartridge, Mario paint mouse, and super game boy cartridge.


1 Console with 4 x original controllers 2x rumble packs, memory card and memory expansion (gold, yellow, light grey and dark grey controllers) and a joytech boxed controller, 2 x unusual steering wheels on folds flat, other is like a handheld with a rubber covered wheel)



Boxed Games

Soccer, silent service, Jackie chans action kung fu, double dribble, smash tv, punch out, golf, duck tales.


Wrath black manta, digger t-rock, buria fighter, dr Mario, kirbys adventure, super Mario bros 2, Mario bros / duck hunt x2, marble madness, California games, teenage mutant turtles, blades of steel.


Boxed Games

Starwing x 2, stunt race fx, sim city, super r-type, donkey kong country, aero the acrobat, Mario all stars, judge dredd, Mario kart, Kevin keegans player manager.


Mario all stars, Mario world x 2, Zelda a link to the past, equinox, lion king, sensible soccer European championship, Addams family, pga tour, starwing, tiny toons buster busts loose x 3, fifa 96, Jurassic park, streetfighter 2 turbo x 2, animaniacs, on the ball, bubsy, alladin x2, street fighter 2 (original version), home alone, desert fighter, desert strike, donkey kong country, snes scope 6, Mario paint, jungle book, popn twinbee, street racer, super battletank, fifa soccer, young merlin, the magical quesy (mickey mouse), toy story


Boxed Games

Duke Nuken Zero Hour, Zelda Majoras Mask, Scars, daikatana, banjo tooie, diddy kong racing, star wars shadows of the empire.


Banjo kazooie, top gear overdrive, waverace 64, turok 2, star wars shadows of the empire, south park, tetrisphere, quake, vraly 99, f1 grand prix x2, f1 grand prix II, wwf war zone, wcw revenge, wcw mayhem, rugrats the movie, international superstar soccer 64, Zelda orcarina of time, waialae country club, nfl quarterback club 98, Mario 64, 007 goldeneye

Sega Megadrive Stuff

2 x mk 1 systems, 2 x mk2 systems, (1 of which is boxed like new) 2 x controllers each, 3 button and 6 button 2 x competition pro pads.

Megadrive games

Boxed games

Nlhpa hockey 93, mickey and donalds world of illusion, after burner 2, mega bomberman, fifa 95 x2, international sensible soccer ltd edition, sonic 2 x 4, mega games 1 x 3, paperboy, skitchin, world cup italia 90, rise of the robots, mickeys castle of illusion x 2, davis cup world tour, jungle strike x2, shadow of the beast, ea hockey x2, john madden football, lotus II recs, Sylvester & tweety cagey capers, taz mania, hardball III, f22 interceptor, jimmy whites whirlwind snooker, dragon (the bruce lee story), streets of rage II, rolo to the rescue, sonic 1 x 4, virtua racing, Olympic summer games, james pond II, road rash, road rash II, lemmings, mega games 3, ecco the tides of time, zool.

Unboxed Games

Tiny toons busters hidden treasure, alex kid, fifa international soccer, strider, urban strike, jewel master, wonderboy in monsterland, speedball 2, menacer 6, fifa 96

Saturn Stuff

2 x Sega Saturns, 1 mk1 , 1 mk2 (diff button layout on consoles) Controller and leads for both, 1 boxed. Sega Saturn steering wheel boxed and virtua cop gun and game boxed. 1 boxed official sega controller, 1 boxed 3rd party controller, 2 unboxed official controllers, one 3d controller for nights into dreams.

Games all boxed

Athlete kings, nba jam extreme, panzer dragoon, nhl all star hockey, shining the holy ark, tomb raider, firestorm thunderhawk 2, space jam, pebble beach golf links, sega ages vol 1, rayman, sega worldwide soccer 98, fighting vipers, soviet strike, Andretti racing, magic carpet, clockwork knight 2, nights into dreams, alien trilogy, euro 96, Virtua fighter 2, sega rally. And a demo disk.

Sega Dreamcast

2 x boxed consoles, 1 faulty unboxed unit for spares, 2x controllers each, 3 or 4 VMU units (will need to check) rumble packs, keyboard and mouse both boxed, third party gun, VGA cable to hook them to a pc screen.

Games all boxed

Shenmue 1 and 2 (i know these are highly collectable, especially complete and in condition i have mines in) crazy taxi x 2, sega gt, sonic adventure 1 and 2 (again collectable) sega rally, metropolis street racer, space channel 5, toy commander, who wants to be a millionaire, chu chu rocket, virtua fighter 3tb, resident evil code veronica, dino crisis, railroad tycoon 2, hydro thunder, and the dreamkey internet suite 3.0 and 2, and incoming (copy)

There is also 2 x boxed amiga 500, a boxed amiga 600, a boxed uk model A1200 and 2 x A1200 in standard trim in a box, also 2x atari ST's (ste and stfm 520, ste is boxed, a atari mega ST2 with mono monitor, atari 2600 "woody" heavy sixer in a promotional i love atari holdall) 2x boxed commodore 64c and a loose C64 breadbin model, and commodore plotter printer for c64, some handheld lcd games from early 80s, firefox, caveman etc. game boy pocket with 10 - 15 games, 100s of c64 games, spectrum, cpc etc, theres basically 2 cupboards packed of stuff, lots of spares as well, and controllers, add ons etc, couple of sharp mz series machines, acorn a5000 archimedes.

Is this stuff worth reselling? Would some of the games be any use for my toddlers to play? guy wants a quick sale and would rather sell them as a job lot than go through fleabay and the likes...

Cheers for any info....
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i guess it depends on how much he's selling you it for...?
Dont know - have to make him an offer and a sensible one but he knows I will try to resell individually after taking what I want!
Think about how you would resell - here, ebay, carboot? If ebay, bear in mind fees. Plus delivery will be quite a lot, so carboot sale might be a good idea. There are a few people on here who talk about buying games at carboots and who know which ones are worth a bit more, so hopefully one of those people will give you a hand.
Banjo Tooie
Majora's Mask
super r-type, donkey kong country, Mario all stars, Mario kart (boxed)
shining the holy ark
Shenmue 1 and 2

Those games you should be able to get around £20 for easily.

Looking through the others though I can't see many games that you could get much more than a fiver for.

Console wise, all the unboxed ones, complete with wires, you could probably get around £20 for.
If the Boxed NES is in really good condition you should be able to get around £40ish.

The various Amigas & Ataris and Commodores are more outside of my knowledge, but I imagine you'll get a good idea from ebay.

If you've got the money and the time to sell it all individually I'd make an offer of around £2 per game and maybe £7 per complete console. That'll make a nice big figure for the seller, and as long as you have the time to sell them effectively you should make a really nice profit.
Think he would take around £200-£400 as he knows my financial circumstances - single mum with toddlers, weaning myself off anti depressants as dont think they are helping me, trying to get money for xmas and maybe a few days away so sounds like this would be a good price...just got to check my bank acct!
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