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Found 4th Sep 2010
Bought a tent from Argos (Regatta 4 man) a few months back but only used it 2 weeks ago and it leaked all night when it rained. Wrapped myself in a towel with my sleeping back haha. OH was lucky, I let her sleep the otherside of the airbed so I took the hit!

Anyway are tents easily returnable? Or are they awkward about it? May have a spare break tomorrow to try to take it back but if they may play up then I'll have to leave it for another day! Admit it can be different from store to store but anyone willing to share experiences that will be great!
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As long as you still have the receipt you can either get a refund or and exchange
Argos offer a 12mth guarantee, so as long as you have the receipt then you should be fine! It does vary from store to store though, but what I tend to do is if I get rejected by one store, just go to another and they accept it with no problems at all... Good Luck, but I'm sure you'll be fine as by the sounds of it, the item IS actually defective/faulty!
oh dear don't waste your time taking it t to another store... it's faulty demand a replacement, it's what you are entitled to legally.

If you want a refund they will probably refuse unless you ask nicely, store credit would be worst case.
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ive had the same problem but its been past 30 days, is it too late?
Yeh I don't mind store credit but will push for a refund if they're ok! So you can go to any Argos? Thanks for the advice. Yeh you can't keep a tent that give you a shower in the middle of the night! Not Argos fault, manufacturer fault so hope they just take it out on them. Night!
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