Return Flights To Bangkok

    Fancy a challenge?
    Looking for someone to find best deal to bangkok and back :P

    Wanting to fly out Monday 9th March and return Monday 11th May.

    Going to be in Amsterdam, the weekend before the 7th March so could fly from Amsterdam Airport, however it seems pretty expensive to fly from there.

    Lots of good deals from London airports so I'd be willing to fly from there aswell. After all an easyjet flight from Amsterdam to London is only 40euro.

    Preferibly want to return to Glasgow/Edinburgh airport, however I know leaving from London and returning in Glasgow/Edinburgh will most likely be alot more expensive than leaving london and returning in London. Flights from London to Glasgow/Edinburgh are only around £40 so it's no big deal, but bangkok to Glasgow or Edinburgh or would be ideal.

    So the different routes I'd be willing to look into are :

    Amsterdam -> Bangkok -> Amsterdam
    Amsterdam -> Bangkok -> Glasgow
    Amsterdam -> Bangkok -> Edinburgh
    Amsterdam -> Bangkok -> London

    London -> Bangkok -> London
    London -> Bangkok -> Glasgow
    London -> Bangkok -> Edinburgh

    Glasgow -> Bangkok -> Glasgow
    Glasgow -> Bangkok -> Edinburgh

    Edinburgh -> Bangkok -> Edinburgh
    Edinburgh -> Bangkok -> London current quote an approx price of around £430 for London->Bangkok->London.

    London -> Bangkok -> Glasgow
    would be preferable option but I think prices will be too high for that.
    i think the most likely option is going to be :
    London -> Bangkok -> London

    What prices can you find?


    £721.90 from Amsterdam to Bangkok. 1 stop off at ZRH (??)…i=0


    ZRH = Zurich.

    Original Poster

    lol, bit of a close stop-over if you're leaving from amsterdam.

    that's too expensive anyway, would much prefer just to take the £430 flight from london if that was gonna be the cheapest from amsterdam.

    EDI Edinburgh Turnhouse UK [EGPH]BKK Bangkok Int'l TH [VTBD]MON 09 Mar … EDI Edinburgh Turnhouse UK [EGPH]BKK Bangkok Int'l TH [VTBD]MON 09 Mar 2009 / MON 11 May 2009 / RTCarrier From To Fare Cur Fare Basis--------- ------ ---- --------- ---- --------- ---- ---- ---------- LH EDI BKK 318 GBP ULNNGBLH EDI BKK 395 GBP WLNNGBLON London Metro UK = LHR LGW STN LTN LCYBKK Bangkok Int'l TH [VTBD]MON 09 Mar 2009 / MON 11 May 2009 / RTCarrier From To Fare Cur Fare Basis--------- ------ ---- --------- ---- --------- ---- ---- ---------- QR LON BKK 249 GBP WEE3MGBRJ LON BKK 260 GBP QANGBBLH LON BKK 288 GBP ULNNGBOS LON BKK 288 GBP WLFLY5UQR LON BKK 299 GBP VEE6MGB

    Glasgow flights are more expensive than EDI or LON.
    Qatar are the cheapest out of LON, change your return flight to 1 day earlier and it's £435 total.
    Above Fares show Qatar, Royal Jordanian, Lufthansa & Austrian as having the cheapest published fares out of LON, just check their web sites for prices.

    Original Poster

    great, thanks ppl! has flights for 179 quid one way from stansted to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can probably take a dirt cheap connecting flight from there to Bangkok for around 30.
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