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Found 15th Apr 2015
My question is around my last purchase.
Basicly I bought two beds, one didn't fit so it went back.
I got back to the shop, only to find out the smaller bed had gone up in price.
When I mentioned I might want my money back he mentioned something like 20 % charge if I step back from the sale.
I bought it on the 3rd of March and got it delivered on the 26 March.

The questions is, can I step back, or is it too late? Also how much would it be?
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It depends on their returns policy. They are under no legal obligation to offer you a refund simply because you no longer want it, but they are legally obliged to obey the terms of the contract formed between you and them when you purchased the bed. What did those terms say when you purchased the bed? Did they say you were entitled to a refund, less 20% fee, against the figure you paid for the bed, within this timeframe?

Your answer's in there.
Thanks for your answer, I need to read my contract. I was moving into a empty house, so wanted it just asap done.
I remember I heard once of a 30 days cool off period.
Did you buy it in store or online?
I bought it in store.
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