Return to Amazon been told only "charger was in the box" has been received

Posted 18th May 2021
I just got an email from Amazon that my return of an £1300 Asus laptop to amazon were received as ‘empty’ box (only charger was found in box). I have sent them the laptop fully packaged! Given myHermes pick up were the only option offered I’ve chosen that which I now truly regret, does anyone has any experience with this and know what the process is like?

I only have the blue ticket provided by the pick up driver, sent both to Amazon but don’t know how can I further proof I’ve actually sent back the item? I have reported to police and send them police report and purchased the item with debit card, they still sending me same reply of email:
As we informed you earlier, we cannot issue a refund for this order until we receive the correct item. Please return it to us if you want to receive the refund. Thanks for your understanding.

Can I go to small claims court to get my refund or what is my option?? Please help
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