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Return to amazon via Hermes lost or stolen

Posted 5th Jan 2021
Good afternoon guys, I wanted to ask you something, just in case someone has had the same problem.

A month ago with the 30% offer from the amazon warehouse, I decided to buy a ps4 pro like new. When I received it, it was in very bad condition, without a power cable and the dualshock did not work, so I decided to return it. When returning it the only options were through Hermes, so a carrier came to my house to pick it up. A couple of days later I received updates that the package was on its way back to the warehouse, and that was all I received.

After a month and several complaints through customer service since the refund was taking too long, a few days ago they responded saying that they could not refund my money because the box was empty. I have asked for more information regarding this and the only thing I get returned is :
"I've checked the details and see that we have received an empty package in the return. In this case request you to please check if you have accidentally returned empty box in the return package. If so request you to please check and return the correct item. So that we can check the details and assist you accordingly."

And they don't give me more solutions or information. I have asked them for proof of the empty box, the entire way back to the warehouse, but they don't tell me anything. This is very frustrating and I am already desperate.

I have done some research on the internet and I already contacted HERMES and they do not respond to me, they say that it is amazon that should contact them, I have also sent an email to jeff@amazon.com, but I still have not received a response. I have also contacted Monzo which is with the card I paid and is under investigation at the moment.

If someone has been through this and has been able to solve it, I would be totally grateful if they shared their experience.

Thank you very much in advance and have a nice day guys.

Edit: thank you all for your support, after several emails I finally got my refund. I leave you some useful emails just in case someone is in the same situation. Although in the majority I only got negatives and it was an executive from the Bezos team who finally helped me.





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