Return toaster to Amazon?

Found 29th Jan
Hi everyone, I have a question in regards to Amazon's return process. I bought a Morphy Richards Accents toaster from them this week, which arrived on Friday.

We have tested it this weekend, but to be honest we are not happy with it at all. The cable is too short, the unit is flimsy (tips over if you push down the levers without holding the toaster down), toasts unevenly... but words of all, the toast literally flies out of the toaster and lands on the floor.

So I was wondering if I could return the toaster as it really doesn't meet our requirements, but it seems like the returns policy mentions you can only return unopened items... So what are my options here? Can I still return it?

I still have the box, manual and the plastic sleeve, the only thing that is missing is the plastic cap that goes over the plug. And obviously I can clean out any crumbs.

So would I still be able to return this item somehow, or is that a no-no? I don't want to have wasted my money on this thing.
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Yes, just return it, selecting the "it doesn't meet your needs" / "quality not good enough" type option and you should be able to return it for free.
If you select an "I didn't like it option" option, you'll have to pay for the return.
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Yes, provided you you're not a prolific returner they should take it back no problem. They should hopefully give you a Collect + return label too
Why not ask Amazon first?
Amazon takes back opened stuff. Don't worry.
was it from a 3rd party seller ?
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