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Posted 3rd Feb 2022
Hi guys, help needed here. I bought a used car yesterday and paid £15k plus £700 warranty for a year from a big dealership in London. I had a bad experience with them but because I was in a need of a car urgently and I traveled 3 hours to get there by train, I finally bought the car (I know, dont judge me, it was my fault). My issue is that the car came with only one key, no mats and 4 different tires. Plus their advertised warranty for 3 months was rubbish as it covered the minimum and only for £500 hence I bought the 1 year one. There is nothing wrong with the mechanic parts of the car though.
My question is, do I have the right to return the car and get a full refund plus the warranty? Or at least cancel the extra warranty? I know the answer is no but maybe some of you had similar experience in the past.
Thanks in advance!
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