return web orders by refusing to take delivery?


    i ordered a pair of GX200 earphones for £29.31 from superfi yesterday morning.
    This morning these were £17.99 on play, I checked my order on superfi and the status was 'Item In-Picking', I checked their site and says I would get an email when the order would be dispatched and I haven't received one at that time. So I sent an email to cancel my order at 8:30am and ordered from play.
    At 4:46pm, I receive an email saying order has been dispatched. So now I got two of the same things arriving to my door from two different companies.

    The ones from superfi have got a tracking number on, and on their site it says I can cancel within 7 days of receiving the item, but of course I would have to pay, on royal mail it looks like it would cost £5 to send it back. Instead, if I see a royal mail package that needs to be signed for, can I tell the post person if they could return to sender? that way I can avoid paying for trackable delivery



    Personally i would have rang them. That way you would have known what was going on .

    dont most sites do free returns anyways

    If you refuse delivery and item is returned you will probably be refunded less delivery cost, if delivery was free they will most probably charge a restocking fee to recover the money they lost from the delivery failure. So will waive the latter fee on free delivery but most charge it to discourage people from messing them around and loosing them money

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    thanx for the replies guys, I guess having the item returned, they may think I am messing them about. I'll just wait for it and send it via recorded delivery back to them.

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    the order from superfi has arrived already...don't think i'll bother sending one back anymore, maybes one for a pressie to someone

    I contact play when I saw their price drop on an item. I haven't received the item yet so I phoned them. They told me I can't cancel the item and just to tell the person that I refuse delivery. And then I can order the same item at lower price.
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