returnig stuff to asda without the receipt

    bought to baby gates from asda but they are to small even with the extensions

    other half threw out the recite they are still in box one has been opned but everything still there!!

    i paid with my debit card if i take a copy of my statement in can i get the money refunded on to my card??

    thanks in advance!!



    Yes, you only need proof of purchase

    What are you reciting? Or do you mean the receipt?

    yes statement will be ok

    i assume your joking?

    Original Poster


    i assume your joking?

    y would i be joking??
    im just double checking!!
    dont want to have to take a baby and two baby gates t asda to find out it cant be done!!

    Original Poster

    thanks for the hepxx

    If you want to be technical yes you only need to provide proof of purchase for the items, however if there is nothing wrong with them then they do not have to give you a refund.

    I know you have prob been and gone to asda but i know if u pay with cash, and have no receipt they only give ur cash back on a gift card

    not sure about debit cards
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